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Kroshy was born 24th August 1985 in Hampshire, England. His gaming addiction started at the age of 9 when his dad got the family a PC and the first game played was Dune 2 a fine creation from Westwood Studios. Since then Kroshy has been hooked on many other games since, all of the following Command and Conquer games. World of Warcraft (Blood Elf Holy Paladin), World of Tanks, EVE, AION, Starwars the Old Republic, Archage, Rift, Rust, Armored Warfare and most recently Cloud Pirates.

To pay the bills he works as a white goods engineer and is currently training to become a certified Gas Engineer, although he would rather become a full-time streamer. But until that happens Gas Engineer it is.

We use DeepBot aka SonOfABaldy for all of bot needs

Our bot does so much for the stream. Commands, Music, Sound Effects and much more!

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Within the Crumpet community we use Discord for our comms

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